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This logo design was created for a dog salon located in Puyallup Washington. The only suggestion that he had was he likes red and would be nice to have a dog nose somewhere in the design. I created all the vector grooming tools in Illustrator.


LEV OG LEG Design Brief

Description of the organization and its target audience

The name of the company is Lev og Leg, this is in Danish language and translates to Live and Play. Now the meaning of these words represent the values of the company quite well and we would like for it to be clearly readable, but still in a customized font.

Lev og Leg will be an organization based around and funded by a webshop (and future physical shop) with a broad selection of products for everyday life, travelling and healthy/responsible living.

Webshop will be accompanied by blog with our research results on products, analysis and selection process. Tips and tricks for easier, healthier and more efficient/productive living, our own ideas, visions and cultural projects. (Idea is to accompany shop with a variety of culture and music events possible café/hangout etc.

The team consists of 5 people with a great passion for life

Our USP (Unique selling proposition) will be guidance in picking good products and further improvement of life quality, a central place for purchase of them and a variety of other inspiring ideas including sharing of life inspiring ideas on spirituality and help in the constant growing of love and passion in life.

Products carefully selected based on own experiences, thorough research and testing.

Only a few varieties of any item. Selection based on balance of quality/prize.

Optimal selection would be maybe two versions of most products 1st being best designed at a reasonable prize and 2nd would be best design available (preferably no crazy prized stuff though)

We will put maximum effort in ensuring customer satisfaction through the purchase process and equally so during service necessary after. (Should be top priority for any company, but is often not prioritized enough in our opinion)

Environment taken into account. Preferably no wasting of resources.

In regards to target audience, we want to be able to resonate with people in any areas of life, independent of age and sex.




garciavehiclesThe logo for Garcia’s Landscaping was a blast. I was able to create a logo they loved so much they had me cut the vinyl and apply it to there fleet of vehicles.

NVS Glassworks LogoNVS Glassworks LogoNVS Glassworks wanted a nice clean elegant logo.

Pro-Care-Logo procare logo


ProCare is a window washing service run by one man. He wanted a logo that was simple and described exactly what he did.ck2 Chaos KontrolledChaos Kontroled is a company that does electroforming, fusing metal to many different substrates. They wanted something that was rough and showed some chaos.