“Adam is an excellent designer and a brilliant illustrator. I highly recommend Adam, because of his passion and unwavering commitment to high quality results. I worked with Adam at Corbis and a number of design projects since, Adam’s knowledge of web design, illustration, animation and visual design would make him a great fit for any design job.”
Ari Campbell, Advanced Imaging, Corbis Corporation
Managed Adam indirectly at Corbis Corporation, Photo Licensing

“In addition to being excellent with color correction and image re-touching, he was also someone that others could go to for learning new, more efficient ways to enhance images. I seem to remember him winning a few timed competitions in the imaging lab for making images look better, faster.”
Luke Probasco, Image and Operations Processor Corbis Corporation
Worked directly with Adam at Corbis Corporation

I have had the pleasure of working with Adam Hansen for the last few months. As a co-worker, I would rate him as one of the top workers in our department. His good work ethic and quality of work, left a good impression on me. His high standards were noticed and appreciated. He’s very reliable, always arriving early and ready for his daily tasks. Adam grasped things easily and is a self-motivator. As a team player, he works very well with others and adapts quickly, assisting with other departments or projects. Also, his positive attitude was excellent, always keeping things upbeat. His enthusiasm, hard work, integrity, and creative skills shine through. Adam Hansen is an asset and would make any team stronger.
Jim Gyselman Jr. , Adam’s Supervisor at REI

The few months that I worked with Adam Hansen I found him to be very prompt, on time, willing to work on anything and in any department that needed his help. He was very accurate in whatever task he was given and was willing to learn everything he could about the job. He asked appropriate questions that pertained to the job and was able to finish up the work quickly. Every day Adam came to work with a smile on his face, ready to get started. Because of my positive work experience with Adam I highly recommend him for any job he applies for. He is a very capable, positive and hard working young man.
Pamela Samples,  Adam’s Supervisor at REI